Week 1 update

July 13, 2014

I did not meet my goal of walking for 30 min every day.  I did however find 4 days this week to walk for a total of 2 hours.  On the days that I worked I tried to make sure I took the stairs in and out of work for 124 stairs plus another 50 if we have a meeting and another 50 if I need to eat in the cafeteria. 

I tried to bring my own lunch but meal planning is a lot harder now than it used to be!  I should really wear a pedometer while I'm at work because last time I did I think I clocked 14,000 steps!  There is also the pushing of the patients in beds, moving OR tables (super heavy), carrying instrument pans and the running for stuff during cases! 

I didn't meet my goal for this week but I still feel accomplished!  It was 2 hours more this week than last week and I will hopefully get in more time in the upcoming week. 

Food goals for this week: #1 goal was to make better choices.  My week started out good with roasted chicken, quinoa, and green beans and then leftovers of both.  I gave myself Saturday as a free day because I was going out to lunch with a friend.  Other than that, not terrible choices but I was trying to give up my Mt. Dew habit (don't judge me!  I live off of 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep and mama needs caffeine to function!) but I didn't have time to make coffee every morning and Mt. Dew is my next caffeine source of choice.

Goals for this week:
  1. Walk at least 8 miles (last week was only 5)
  2. Increase water intake from 72oz to 96oz everyday (I do this most days but I want to make it more consistent)
  3. Add in veggies for all meals eaten at home
  4. Try fish again (I dislike most fish but I need to like it...bleh!  I guess I will do what you're supposed to do with kids and try it several times and hopefully teach myself to like it)


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. Your job is VERY physical and taking steps in a huge...well step! Sounds like you're doing great to me.

    Suggestion for the warming up to fish more....Have you ever tried those little Gorton's Grilled Seafood filets from the freezer section? My hubby doesn't like seafood but likes those. They are made with wild caught fish and as frozen food goes, it's a decent option...lots of flavors, types, and SUPER EASY to make. Each package comes with 2 filets, so perfect for you and the hubs. http://gortons.com/products-browse?category=46&species=All

  2. Cod is a super "bland" fish and really cheap - I'm not a huge fan of most fish, but married to who I am of course I get pestered into trying all sorts and have found a few that I really like... Halibut is a favorite at the moment (lightly battered and fried) and Cod also yummy fried (but really what isn't good fried), but I've had both baked and grilled with various seasonings or pan seared and they are still really good. The boy brought home a spring salmon and has baked it using a honey/mustard combo, and I really liked it... :)


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