Liam is 6 months!

August 10, 2014

Our little one is 6 months old!  He's still a very smiley boy and has recently begun to really giggle.  After hearing a baby giggle I can honestly say that you just can't be sad after hearing it!  Shortly before 6 months Liam decided he needed teeth!  We have our first 2 teeth and it wasn't really awesome to say the least.  See my previous post to see what we've found works for us so far. 

Liam has been practicing sitting up since about 4.5 months and has finally mastered sitting up!  He still crashes from time to time but he reaches for toys from a sitting position and tends to get them!

  • Liam is 19lbs 13oz and 26.5in long
  •  His favorite activities include: nursing, anything music, reading, and jumping either on mom or in his jumper.
  • His favorite song is still 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' and we usually sing it 8-10 times in a row as he's going off to sleep
  • Liam's favorite toys are his teething toys and his Sophie the giraffe
  • He is able to sit unassisted for short periods of time
  • He knows the 'g' sound and the 'b' sound.
  • Saying mama mama mama mama over and over will surely get you a big smile
  • Liam recognizes Dad's voice from anywhere and will stop what he is doing to find him (not awesome while nursing as he pulls me with him as he jerks his head!)

I got this cute little sweatshirt at Gymboree :)

Trying out grass for the first time

Hi Mom!

Mom did you see Dad over there?

Hold up; why am I up here and you're down there?

I jump!

Too big for his cradle and too big for his swaddle
Playing with Mom and Dad

I seriously love baby wearing.  It has saved us several hours of fussiness!
The closest I get to taking a nursing picture; I just love his little hands!

Smiling at Mom after a good nap
This is what he looks like at 2am after being awake most of the night

Since he is too big for his cradle, we tried out his crib.  It was ok for a little while and then it got hot and we don't have A/C

A particularly interesting day where he would smile at me and then give me this face

He needs to fall asleep touching me

Our solution of bringing the pack and play to our room!

He thinks it's nearly time to crawl, I'm just not quite ready for that yet!

My sweet sleeping boy who just likes to lay by Mom
But when he does, his smile covers his whole face!
He was cracking himself up here
Mommy is funny, or making funny sounds :)

It's just too much Mom!
I need to touch you to sleep
He doesn't smile all the time :)
Baby led weaning.  First food...bananas!  They were a hit!

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