9 months!

October 31, 2014

9 months!  Liam has officially been out of my tummy longer than he was in!

9 months brings us another tooth for a total of 6!  We still love Mommy best and then milk and Daddy.  Biggest thing this month is that we decided to do sleep training.  Sleep has been hard to get as of late and surviving on 6 hours of interrupted sleep has not been going well for me.  It took Liam about 3 days to figure it out and we are now getting a pretty consistent 8 hours in a row from him!  Sometimes he wake up only to put himself back to sleep within a couple minutes or so.  This means that this sleep deprived Mama is now looking at her little boy like the sweet little miracle that he is instead of a little monster that steals all my energy and keeps me awake all night (literally every hour during the night).

Liam is just about ready to stand on his own!  He's now barely holding on to whatever he stands up on and his feet are more flat on the floor.  He's getting so big and I so enjoy watching him grow up.

Getting into all the things

You should always exercise the baby

Mama I found napkins!

Daddy babywearing

Happy boy with his lovey

Standing on all the things

Did you see this Mama?

Playing with his stand up toy

Learning to be gentle with the puppies

All the puppies outside and one of the last pictures of Jake

Mama gave me chicken strips!

Never underestimate the power of playing with a box

At the pumpkin patch

On Jake's last day, my babies

What is this

No seriously what is this

Hey this is neat!

Hey this is neat!

Pumpkins Mama

My sweet little smiley boy!

It's hard not to smile when he does!

Did you see this Mama?  It's mine, how come I only get to see it once a month?

Hate the shadow here but love that you can see his teeth!

8 months...really late!

October 23, 2014

Well I took Liam's 8 month photos on his 8 month birthday but since we've had some family issues lately regarding our pup Jake (see my previous post) it's been the furthest thing from my mind.

Our little bug has been a busy bug lately!  He gets into all the things with his friend (our nanny's son).  He stands up on everything and anything including all of his puppies.  He enjoys walking on the furniture and walking holding Mom and Dad's hands.  He still a huge fan of music and it's often a surefire way to help him calm down

Liam's favorites:
1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Milk
4. puppies
5. Standing up
6. His friends (nanny and nanny's son)
7. Music

Liam now has 5 teeth and they sure do give him a run for his money!  We are mostly uncomfortable at night as during the day he's very distracted by his puppies, toys, and friends

We got a new ring sling...and it's love!

Watching his puppies play outside

Playing in his 'baby kennel'

'Hey Mom, you look awesome!'

Our ring sling is love for sure!

Look at me!  I'm standing up in my crib!

Rock climbing with Daddy

Waiting to have lunch with a friend and driving Mom's car

Mac and Cheese!

He's proud of himself!

Snacks with mom

Mom said I can't put my fingers in the dog's water bowl

Selfies in the cry room at church

He's stoked that he got from toy table to the couch

Always needs to touch mom

Future guitar player

I think he likes the vibration when Matt plays, he's always calmed down when Matt holds him and plays

Daddy's drum set is awesome!

I'm a handsome boy!

Teething sucks

Grass is neat

Silly little guy!

Oh you know I'm a cute little guy!

I sometimes just can't handle how cute he is and I just have to kiss his cheeks!

He's getting used to his teeth and gives us faces like this now

Jake's EPIC last day

October 18, 2014

On Tuesday night our dog Jake started screaming in pain when he moved his neck.  We thought nothing of it because he was getting old and had had a soft tissue injury last year.  Just a flare we thought.  Wednesday morning Jake couldn't stand up, he fell down the stairs (I couldn't help him because I was holding Liam).  Jake went outside and fell to his 'knees' on his front legs while trying to pee.  At that point I very impatiently waited until 8am for the vet's office to open.  Matt and I got Jake in right away while we had our nanny watching Liam.  Our vet did a full neuro exam on Jake and recommended that we see a neuro vet.

Off we go to the neuro vet.  This man is a very very kind man.  He does a full exam noting all of the deficits that we are seeing such as some foot drop, his spine curving, inability to walk, and the wobbling drunk like walk when he was standing.  After his exam he presents us with 3 possible diagnosis none of which were good.  Spinal tumor, brain tumor, or some sort of vascular issue.  We had decided long ago not to put Jake through chemo or radiation because you see Jake had already had cancer and I wasn't going to put my friend through chemo or radiation to decrease his quality of life and make him super uncomfortable.  We were offered an MRI to confirm diagnosis but since there wasn't anything we were going to do except keep him comfortable we declined.  We were offered some pain meds for Jake along with some medication to help with the muscle spasms.

I went to work on Thursday and came home to a smiling Jake that greeted me at the door!  I thought maybe just maybe it was a vascular something or another and he would be on the mend!

Friday morning Matt was getting up with Liam (it was his turn) and walked by Jake on the floor and Jake started screaming.  The pain seemed to be worse and his walking seemed to be worse.  His pain meds were not covering him and he was spasming.  We all went downstairs and Jake got his pain meds and his spasm meds but it was getting worse.  The light was leaving Jake's eyes and I knew that soon he wasn't going to be Jake anymore.

I made that phone call.  I sobbed while on the phone.  Thankfully the vet's office was very understanding and told me that it was ok to cancel and reschedule or to do whatever we needed to do.  After getting off the phone Matt said to me why don't you make a list of all Jake's favorite things to do.  So I made a list.  We accomplished everything on this list (plus the separate list Matt made).  We did not let him bite the bulldog because honestly Jake didn't want anything to do with Charlie and growled every time he came near. 

Jake's bucket list

Playing outside with his frisbee

Getting chicken

Ice cream cone

Double hamburger

Helping to put the baby to bed for the last time

Cuddling with mom

This dog loved the water, any water.  He loved bath time and played in the tub

Eating breakfast with his friends for the last time

My three beautiful dogs

Looking for me, always watching out for me (I was getting him some treats!)

Swimming, did I mention this dog loved the water?

Taking a little rest with mom

My first puppy love with my first baby love

Sitting next to me while I nursed the baby

He's pooped from a couple painful episodes and his swim

Being pooped does not stop him from eating more treats!

My boy, I held him like this for 10 years

Relaxing with his baby and his dad

Originally it was just Jake and me, then we got Matt, then Allie, then Charlie, and finally Liam

Even though our hearts were breaking to lose Jake, he protected our family for 10 years

Hanging his head out the window smelling all the smells (cheeseburgers in the bag)

This picture is hard; How do you thank a friend that protected your family, that was there when Matt proposed, Jake was there when I lost our first baby and kept me warm while I was in pain and until Matt got home.  Jake was there when our first IVF didn't work and he was there when our second did.  He told me 3 days after our transfer that I was pregnant.  He protected my belly throughout my pregnancy.  He protected our son from the start of Liam's life until the end of his.  Jake was the first 'adult' thing I did.  I promised him I would take care of him until his last breath.  I loved him and love him still.  It would take many blog posts to talk about the wonders of Jake, but I think that might get redundant and since we wanted Jake to end on a high note, I will do the same with this post.  Thank you Jake for everything that you were, for everything you taught me about me, and for being my friend.
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