8 months...really late!

October 23, 2014

Well I took Liam's 8 month photos on his 8 month birthday but since we've had some family issues lately regarding our pup Jake (see my previous post) it's been the furthest thing from my mind.

Our little bug has been a busy bug lately!  He gets into all the things with his friend (our nanny's son).  He stands up on everything and anything including all of his puppies.  He enjoys walking on the furniture and walking holding Mom and Dad's hands.  He still a huge fan of music and it's often a surefire way to help him calm down

Liam's favorites:
1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Milk
4. puppies
5. Standing up
6. His friends (nanny and nanny's son)
7. Music

Liam now has 5 teeth and they sure do give him a run for his money!  We are mostly uncomfortable at night as during the day he's very distracted by his puppies, toys, and friends

We got a new ring sling...and it's love!

Watching his puppies play outside

Playing in his 'baby kennel'

'Hey Mom, you look awesome!'

Our ring sling is love for sure!

Look at me!  I'm standing up in my crib!

Rock climbing with Daddy

Waiting to have lunch with a friend and driving Mom's car

Mac and Cheese!

He's proud of himself!

Snacks with mom

Mom said I can't put my fingers in the dog's water bowl

Selfies in the cry room at church

He's stoked that he got from toy table to the couch

Always needs to touch mom

Future guitar player

I think he likes the vibration when Matt plays, he's always calmed down when Matt holds him and plays

Daddy's drum set is awesome!

I'm a handsome boy!

Teething sucks

Grass is neat

Silly little guy!

Oh you know I'm a cute little guy!

I sometimes just can't handle how cute he is and I just have to kiss his cheeks!

He's getting used to his teeth and gives us faces like this now

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  1. Yay for standing! Soon he'll be walking. How exciting! Love the playing guitar pic with daddy and the snuggle pic with mom. Who am I kidding? I love all pics of this cutie!


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