Day 30

March 26, 2013


This is kinda like nature, it was an aviary at Discovery Cove in Orlando. 

Day 29

March 26, 2013

Close up

Hmm swollen fingers and still really swollen from a failed IVF attempt but here's me, no make-up waving bye bye to Jacob at the Orlando airport a couple weeks ago.

Day 28

March 26, 2013


Well...I don't have a picture of a sunset in Wyoming and waiting to take a picture of a sunset seems well time consuming and I always seem to miss it.  So here is a picture from when I was traveling down to Colorado for IVF treatments

Day 27

March 1, 2013


This is happiness: My little family.  We hope to add to it soon, but for now this is my family and they make me happy!

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