First haircut

March 29, 2015

I delayed getting Liam's hair cut because I wanted him to look like a baby for as long as possible.  Matt's little sister is getting married this upcoming weekend and we wanted him to look nice for the wedding was time for a haircut.  We talked about taking him to a kid's cuts place so he would hopefully enjoy the experience but with me starting a new job this past week we didn't have the time to make an appt.  So we went to Target and got a pair of clippers and after supper tonight Matt clipped Liam's hair.  It went pretty well actually, Liam sat and played with a toy throughout the 10 minute haircut.  At the end of the haircut my baby looked more like a little boy than a baby.  My baby is now 14 months old and is more of a little boy than a baby.  I might've shed a tear or two.

Playing with dog food because I forgot to pick it up; you can see how long his hair is

Pre-hair cut


Those are my baby's baby hairs falling off

All done!  Handsome boy

Handsome boy all ready for his Auntie's wedding

Matt's Seattle Birthday!

March 29, 2015

Matt's birthday was a couple weeks ago and to celebrate we went into Seattle and did tourist things.  It was way fun!  We went to the EMP museum which was having a Star Wars visit.  We also went up the Space Needle which is always pretty.  We rode the monorail, walked around Pike's Place, went to the Aquarium, and then had a nice dinner at The Crab Pot.  Matt's older brother even met up with us for a bit too! 

We ended the day by heading to the Metropolitan Market and getting Matt's favorite desserts.  All in all it was a great day!

All set for the Monorail!  That's my handwoven wrap that we brought along to Seattle!

On top of the Space Needle, bug was unimpressed

Because Seattle can be a little weird

Just a bit weird

EMP museum

Original costume

That's a baby on my back!

Family of 3 with Darth Vadar

I think this was his favorite part of the day

They are both smiling!

Splash splash

Babywearing Daddies are always better looking to babywearing Mommies
Needed a little rest before exploring the aquarium

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He's now including us in his world by pointed and looking at us as if to say 'Do you see this too?'

Dinner at The Crab Pot

First plane ride!

March 21, 2015

Matt has a business meeting in California a few weeks ago and so I thought hey why don't I go home for a few days so I don't have to be by myself with Liam.  So off we went to South Dakota.  I do not like flying at all and tend to panic a bit about flying.  I was absolutely terrified to fly with Liam alone because of all the 'gear' I was going to need to take with me.  Turns out that my fears were unfounded (as usual) and we had a great flight both ways.  We sat next to helpful people both ways and had a wonderful trip (other than the lack of sleep I had because someone wouldn't sleep)

We made it through security

Hold on there is planes out there!

Snacks and plane watching

We're on the plane!

He passed out for half of the flight which was awesome!

Little guy was in a new place and not his bed

All my nieces and nephews

A constant in a new place, our wrap

Pizza ranch!

Parallel play with his cousin

My sister's boys and my kiddo playing together

Taco Johns in the high chair mommy sat in as a baby

Nope, it's cold and what is this white stuff?

Grandpa was so excited to take Liam in the sled around the house

Liam was unimpressed to say the least

Our constant, our wrap

Mr. No Sleep with Grandma's phone

My dad is a retired fireman and going to the fire station was a fun trip for me until I was almost 25

He figured out that firetrucks are just big cars


More exploring

My sister's boys and my son with Grandpa

'splash splash' having fun with my sister

He was sleepy but he liked the fishies

Butterfly house


Did you see that?

He didn't notice the butterfly right away

He looked at it

And looked at it and then he reached out and grabbed it!  He shook it as I was saying 'no!' It flew away thankfully!

The butterfly house and fishies were tiring!  Those eyelashes though right?

Looking at my uncle's phone

Mr. No Sleep

Leaving South Dakota with a tired boy

He napped on both flights which was awesome!

My grandma (the only living grandparent that I have)

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