Bug is 1!

March 21, 2015

It's been a year.  I'm super late in posting this as he's now nearly 14 months old.  Oops!  There has been a lot of changes in our lives in the past couple months and so blogging went on the back burner.

Shortly before bug's first birthday he started to walk! 

My little sicky who was still pretty happy!

He wouldn't wake up so we put all sorts of stuffed animals with him, took lots of pictures with flash...nothing

Chocolate froyo

Giving his puppy a toy to play with

Green beans Mama!

This is our nanny's son (on the right) they are such good friends!

How we accomplish things in our house.  I believe we were making carrot cake :)

Birthday toy!

He's too cool

Pick bug up
It's so hard to be almost one

Walking with Dad
I did it, I stepped down all by myself
This is neat
Climbing stairs to go down the slide
Captain Bug!
Sliding with Mom
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Our birthday boy was getting a little sleepy
Carousel at the zoo  

Snuggles with Mama on his birthday in our trusty ring sling

Is this for me?

Cake smash!

I guess I do like cake
One year ago we welcomed this little guy!

Our 1 year professional pictures
He was a bit of a ham
Loves his mama

My Mama!
Our photographer thought I should wear the crown because not only is Liam 1 but I made it 1 year as his mama

Still needs mama cuddles
He loved looking at the water below
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This little boy was long awaited for.  Many tears were shed by both of us when I lost our first baby.  Many tears were shed as treatment after treatment led to no baby.  God led us through all of those trials, he led us to a doctor who listened to us and helped us to have this little boy.  Every prayer, every tear, every pill, every shot, all the pain of nearly 4.5 years of trying to have this baby, the 3 days of induction, the unexpected expected c-section, the RA flare after birth...everything absolutely everything was worth seeing the smile on this boy's face and knowing the God entrusted Matt and I to raise this little boy.

The silly man I married
Liam and his Daddy get to spend lots of time together in the evening when I work; this created a wonderful relationship between them that's so much fun to watch!
A boy and his rocks
Clapping, something he does when he's happy

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