My little one is 10 months old!

December 5, 2014

How the time flies!

Liam's favorites: Mommy, milk, Daddy.  He loves to play with his friends (our nanny and her son).  He likes to play peek a boo and will invite you to play with him by racing towards an open door so he can close it and open it so you'll say 'peek a boo'.  It's seriously cute! 

Liam likes to push the chairs around in the kitchen or pretty much anything that he can push.  Liam is beginning to tell 'stories' as he's turning the pages of his books laughing as he does!  He likes to tell his puppy stories or hang out with his puppy.  Charlie is very tolerant of Liam and allows Liam to stand up on him, pull his ears, his jowls, whiskers, and well anything else Liam can grab.  Allie on the other hand isn't so tolerant.  She will hang out with him for a moment and then run off.

Recently Liam started to hold his arms out when he wants to go to someone.  It warms my heart when he holds his arms out to me.  I'm so enjoying him!  Liam still loves music and enjoys playing in Daddy's studio.  Daddy plays the drums and the guitar with Liam and it's always very calming for him.

Mama I don't like hats

Our first Halloween as a family; Liam's looking at me like 'who are you?' 'Where's my Mama?'

Cause standing on all the things is what we do!
My little guy wasn't feeling so hot and this is how we rest, in Mama's sling

Double fisting with his milk and pedialyte or perhaps a future drummer?

We had no power for nearly 48 hours, he was confused at why he was eating dinner in the dark

After our power came back on Liam was so excited so he was walking with Charlie

He's a very patient bulldog

Liam is learning to wave here, by putting his hand right there and waving

At church in the parent room because he's an active little guy and it's cold and flu season so I don't want him in the church nursery

Loves to be by his bulldog

New ride

Hey guys, watching his puppies outside

Reading to his Charlie

I needed to fold some laundry and Liam didn't want to be alone...hence why Charlie is with Liam in his pack and play

I got the remote Mama!

Bug's first thanksgiving, he tired his uncle right out!

This is where my Allie sleeps, he's trying to call the puppies so he can play with them

Here Allie, I got your toy for you

You know, pushing the highchair around, losing his jeans

He discovered that his car had a compartment for things

Because we're all adorable

You have to be super quick on the shutter to catch him before he starts moving

Such a sweet guy!

Yay!  10 months!

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