Stages of grief

September 8, 2011

In nursing school we had a death and dying class where we talked about the honor of caring for patients as they are dying. One of the things that we talked about in this class was helping our patients go through the stages of grief. The Kubler-Ross model outlines the stages that people may go through as they are grieving either for their own upcoming death, a loved one's death, or any significant life change. Stages are not necessarily gone through in order and there is no set time for each stage and after completing a stage you may go back to any given stage at any given time.

The first stage in denial, yep went through that stage and it lasted about 12 hours.

The second stage is anger, going through that stage right now. 18 months of trying to have a baby and it finally happens...8 weeks later...gone. Now we're back at square two, not square one because we now know that my body is capable of conceiving.

The third stage is bargaining, yep did that and felt guilty for asking God to save our baby even as I prayed for God's will upon our baby

The fourth stage is depression, yep been there I don't think I had a real smile at work or home for about two weeks.

The fifth stage and final stage is acceptance, been there already...there was nothing that I could do to change what happened so I may as well accept it and it was very painful to do so.

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