18 months

August 2, 2015

Our little guy is 18 months old!  I can hardly believe it!  He's growing and changing so much and we've had a few rough spots in there with some sleep issues and his learning how to be independent.  His favorite things are mommy, milk, daddy, his bulldog, going through drawers and cupboards, opening the dishwasher, helping mommy close things, and climbing.

The climbing, oh the climbing!  Every once in awhile I think my heart might just stop from all the climbing as he's up on the kitchen table or on his downstairs changing table, but alas, my heart has not stopped and he has not fallen...yet.

Setting boundaries is hard.  Some days I feel like I say no 2,498 times and he doesn't hear me and other days I say no just a couple times.  His world got a whole lot bigger in the last few months as he's exploring his surrounding and bringing us into his world.  He marvels at things and is very tactile in learning (totally normal for his age).  We went to the beach on my birthday and he loved playing in the sand, he found some shells, touched the algae, waded through the water and the tiny stream.

A lot of things are more fun at this age and some thing are super frustrating. 

Things that are fun:
1. Making him laugh
2. Having 'conversations'
3. Watching him explore and then come back to me for a quick snuggle
4. Showing him all the things
5. Watching him interact with other kids and adults
6. Watching him play with his bulldog
7. Watching him master new skills, like steps and walking on his tip toes

Things that aren't so fun
1. 18 month sleep regression
2. The stubbornness he gets from his parents
3. Saying no 2,498 times some days
4. Not getting what he's trying to communicate
5. Dealing with cranky baby when he's overtired

All in all?  He's a pretty funny little guy and we are incredibly blessed to be his parents!  Oh and he got his first Sunday School card last week...I nearly cried.  I waited years for this and even though it's hard...it was worth it.  Totally worth it!  Do I miss being able to make a last minute appt and get my hair done?  Yep, totally...but braided hair is totally in and well...bushy eyebrows can be plucked right?

The Exploring

Just a little rest with Mom on her birthday

The Learning: drinking pool water from a bowl

The Learning cont: blowing our nose

It seems I was more excited about getting this wrap back than he was...but he was happy to be close to Mommy

The Learning: drinking from a fountain

The Silly: Telling Mom and Dad that he 'loves us'

The stubborn: I don't want to go to bed, I need to explore, I don't want to wear a diaper, I don't need jammies

He likes to put his lavender rollerball on his cheeks...little does he know it's helping him calm down #momwin

Babywearing: because he's close enough to kiss

Out with friends

Naughty: I found these cookies and I'm going to eat them (and share with my puppies)

The climbing...oh the climbing

He's not impressed, or he's hot...it was 95 that day

First shave ice

Mr. Independent

Mr. Independent who still needs Mom snuggles

The Learning: playing with ice and a ladle and giving our bulldog some ice on a very hot day

He eats like big people now

The 'I'm not tired Mama' wrap nap

Making music with the dishes

The 'I'm going to fight this nap until you wrap me' nap

I just need a little drink of water from the dog bowl; I just want to splash my hands in the bowl

The Exploring: Safely in Downtown Seattle with Daddy by his side

Playing with his Uncle Thomas...and stealing a slice of pizza

The first send home from Sunday School (seriously...all the tears!)

I like this chair better over here, in the living room

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