9 months!

October 31, 2014

9 months!  Liam has officially been out of my tummy longer than he was in!

9 months brings us another tooth for a total of 6!  We still love Mommy best and then milk and Daddy.  Biggest thing this month is that we decided to do sleep training.  Sleep has been hard to get as of late and surviving on 6 hours of interrupted sleep has not been going well for me.  It took Liam about 3 days to figure it out and we are now getting a pretty consistent 8 hours in a row from him!  Sometimes he wake up only to put himself back to sleep within a couple minutes or so.  This means that this sleep deprived Mama is now looking at her little boy like the sweet little miracle that he is instead of a little monster that steals all my energy and keeps me awake all night (literally every hour during the night).

Liam is just about ready to stand on his own!  He's now barely holding on to whatever he stands up on and his feet are more flat on the floor.  He's getting so big and I so enjoy watching him grow up.

Getting into all the things

You should always exercise the baby

Mama I found napkins!

Daddy babywearing

Happy boy with his lovey

Standing on all the things

Did you see this Mama?

Playing with his stand up toy

Learning to be gentle with the puppies

All the puppies outside and one of the last pictures of Jake

Mama gave me chicken strips!

Never underestimate the power of playing with a box

At the pumpkin patch

On Jake's last day, my babies

What is this

No seriously what is this

Hey this is neat!

Hey this is neat!

Pumpkins Mama

My sweet little smiley boy!

It's hard not to smile when he does!

Did you see this Mama?  It's mine, how come I only get to see it once a month?

Hate the shadow here but love that you can see his teeth!

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