I've crossed over into...essential oils!

November 15, 2014

Well here we go, a journey into knowing exactly what I'm putting into my body.  Does this mean that I no longer believe in western medicine?  Nope!  This means that I see the value of complimentary medicines along with western medicine and see the value of learning how to keep myself and my family healthy.

I had started looking at what kinds of things I cleaned with trying to reduce the amount of chemicals in my house.  I started using mostly vinegar and baking soda to clean my house.  This lasted about 6 months, because lets face it how easy is it to go to the store and buy a cleaning product.  I did try to use 7th generation products but truly nothing cleans a toilet like bleach.  I had made some cleaners for everyday use out of vinegar, water, and something that smelled good like orange oil.  I knew that Tea tree oil is often used as a natural antibiotic but didn't know how to use it.  I knew lemon smelled yummy but had no idea how else I could use it.  I had lavender but only knew to use it to help relax and I personally hated the smell.  Who knew it was because real lavender smells way better than fake!

So here I am on a journey that will hopefully keep our family healthy and not exposed to harsh chemicals that cause who knows what to happen in our bodies.

So far I've used my essential oils for our recent sickness.  Breathe and Frankincense have been amazing in our recent sickness.  I used breathe on Liam's chest and one drop of frank to help with his cough.  I also diffused breathe and lavender all night for both of us to help us well...breathe.  For me I used breath on my chest, frankincense, and then lemon. 

I'm so excited to begin this journey and have pins over a hundred pins on how to use essential oils and have recently purchased a book called Modern Essentials.  Oh and the two separate facebook groups on learning how to safely use essential oils.  Ah!!!!  I can hardly contain my excitement!


  1. Funny girl! But love that you are going all "hippie" with me... (although to be fair, you've gone way beyond me on the Oils already!)

  2. I just discovered EOs a few weeks too and I'm all about them. I'm doing Young Living, but I love that they are all gaining in popularity and people are using them more. The benefits have been amazing.


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