Liam is 5 months old!

July 6, 2014

Oh wow here we are at 5 months.  I may or may not be getting a little weepy at the amazing miracle that is this little boy!

5 months brings us much more talking and so much interacting!  Liam has the G sound down and will often wake up saying gah, gee, or grr.  He's a very happy boy most of the time and always has big smiles with dimples for Daddy or me.

Liam continues to reach for toys and usually gets the toys he's reaching for and almost always gets it to his mouth!

His favorite song is 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' with or without actions

He so far seems to favor his left hand (like Daddy)

He prefers toys that play songs, but will grab rattles or his Sophie the giraffe

Liam often gets frustrated when he's trying to talk to you but you aren't getting what he's saying.  You can often see his little mouth trying to form words and its seriously cute!

He enjoys faces and will reach up to touch my eyes, nose, or mouth while I'm talking, like he's trying to figure out how I form the words.

His favorite puppy is Allie.  When she comes up to him she will put her head in his hand for a few seconds so he can pet her.  He pets her so nicely and when she is done she trots off a happy girl.

This giraffe has no milk!  You can always tell a breastfed baby!

Chilling with his sunglasses and Sophie

After a particularly rough night and day this is my Liam telling me that 'Sleep is for the weak'  Turns out this little guy was getting a cold!

After his 4 month shots (a week late) he was as happy as could be until a few hours later when his legs started to hurt

More often than not Liam grabs the toy he wants and gets it into his mouth

Telling Dad about his rough day with shots and his rough afternoon of sleep (I love how he looks at Matt!)

Tuckered out!  I  never get tired of watching him sleep

On Father's Day we sent Daddy upstairs to take a nap and we stayed downstairs.  Liam just likes to reach out and touch me when he sleeps and I'm ok with that!

Loving on Daddy while Daddy plays for him

There is a story behind this and I can't remember what it is, but since he's our first son he's our #1 son :)
Daddy and his boy!

His special I'm going to sleep for Mommy smile

This is what Mommy looks like after Liam has slept nearly 7 hours straight!  This is what a rested Liam looks like!

Our first time at the beach with our Auntie Megan

Meeting our Grandpa for the first time (Matt's Dad)
3 Generations of Skillman men, too bad I couldn't catch one with Liam's eyes open
Playing with Grandpa tires us right out!

Our happy smiling boy in his 5 month pictures!

God chose the perfect son for us. Even though learning how to be a mom is hard, tiring, frustrating, draining, joyful, exciting, it's everything I've ever wanted!


  1. Love the picture with the glasses on :)

    1. I bought those sunglasses for my sister's oldest boy (now 5) and they made it through all three of her boys and now mine :)

  2. This giraffe has no milk. Haha! Love the precious moments you're catching of him snoozing with you and looking at daddy. Your pics are just oozing with love. :)

    1. I joke that I'm his lovey, I should maybe think about actually giving him a lovey but for now it's nice to see him reach for me and to calm the second I hold him! I've waited my whole life for my child to calm at the sound of my voice and my's pretty incredible!


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