First food

July 30, 2014

I had researched making my own purees I thought hey this is super easy and I can totally do this.  Then, through some online boards and more research I found baby led weaning.  I started researching on pinterest (because who doesn't love pinterest!) and throughout the internet.  I found that this method seemed to make the most sense overall.  Kiddos eat from the table starting out.  Since food before age one is just for practice and baby is getting all their nutrition from breastmilk (for us) or formula; this seemed like the most fun alternative for feeding Liam and avoiding the whole spoon feeding thing.  My thought is that it will make it easier for us as Liam grows and hopefully he will be a less picky eater than me (I'm working on it!) as he grows.

So last weekend we gave Liam his first food...bananas!  I meant to give him avocado as his first food but we had super ripe bananas and it was too hot to make banana bread. 

So I got myself a high chair (
I took the infant insert out right away because it was only going to get dirty and the back is faux leather and super easy to clean

I got this on a major sale at Target and I had some gift cards so it brought it down to about $90 for me.

We put Liam in the high chair a few times and let him play with toys and he had a great time!

Here are the pictures of Liam's first experience with food.  It was a lot of fun and a little sticky but thankfully we are all washable and the high chair is easy to clean!

What is this squishy stuff?

It's OK...

Maybe slightly better than OK

Oh hey Mom I didn't know you were here...did you see my banana?

Playing in his food

Laughing because his parents are funny

Problem solving at it's finest: he was having trouble with the hand to mouth so he brought his mouth to the banana!

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