Liam is 11 months old!

January 9, 2015

Liam is now 11 months old!  Liam is standing and walking around all the things!  He will hold your hand and walk but he hasn't let go yet!  He loves his little cars that he can walk around the living room with and has recently figured out how to turn them :)

Liam's favorites are: Mommy, milk, Daddy, his bulldog Charlie, his puppy Allie, his friends (our nanny and her son), his ride on cars, peek a boo, and anything that plays music.

He has started to bounce when music is playing and actually bounces to the beat, or maybe that's wishful thinking on my part!

We took Liam to a Children's museum mostly just to see if he was interested in it.  He started out a bit slow but he warmed up after he saw the fishies.  He enjoyed going around and seeing all the things.  Then we took him over to the water and let him touch it.  He was so excited!  He splashed with one hand and then splashed with the other and finally he splashed with both.  He was definitely soaked but he had a blast!

First balloon!

Selfie; he can see his face on the screen

Helping Mama load the dishwasher is hard work!

Working out with Daddy

Baby's first Christmas

Babywearing; Starbucks; it's how you do Saturday in Seattle

Free the puppies!

Daddy couldn't wait to give him his birthday present...a month early!

Loves gnawing on carrots

'Mama, pick me up!' I love this look, I love that he stands up on my legs and wants to be held by me

Fishies Mama!

Learning shapes and colors

Doing all the things with Daddy at a children's museum

Did you see this?

Splashing in the water was probably his favorite part of the children's museum

Changing into dry clothes after getting soaked and now he's a sleepy boy

And we're out, but we need to hold Mama's hand

I walk Mama! Just don't let go!

Daddy made him a house to play in.

This little onesie says 'Smiling is my favorite' I bought it for his first Christmas, little did I know that he would be such a smiley boy.

I don't really get the present thing

The awe of a simple gift, he kept looking down at the toy remote and then up at us and grinning.  So sweet.

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