Bedrest is for the birds!

January 12, 2014

Well I ended up in the hospital last Thursday with lots of swelling and high BP.  I got to the ER around 1030 and I guess since I'm past 20 weeks all pregnant women go to L&D triage.  So up I went to L&D triage in a wheelchair.  Apparently if you are in labor or have high blood pressure you aren't supposed to walk...go figure.  I walked all the way from the parking garage (where I normally park for work since I was supposed to work that day) to the ER with no issues.

So I get taken up to L&D which was just weird.  I'm not a huge fan of being the 'patient' especially since I'm usually the caregiver/caretaker not the care receiver.  They waited about a half hour before finally taking my BP which was 150/90.  Yay!  No wonder I had a headache.  They put the monitors on the baby to make sure that everything was fine and it turns out that I was having contractions (probably braxton hicks).  Baby looked great and responded appropriately to contractions. 

After some blood work I was told that I would no longer be working.  When I made a sour face about that the midwife amended that I would have to be off until Monday when I saw my midwife and then we would go from there.  I got to do a 24 hour urine test (super exciting).  I also get to be on modified bed rest which pretty much means I'm supposed to resting the majority of the time but I can get up and make a 'simple' meal (whatever that means), use the restroom when I want, shower when I want, and make short trips to and from places.  The crazy thing is the more I rest and then get up the more contractions I have.  The more I'm up the more swelling I have but the less contractions.

Last night I had some fairly regular contractions but they fizzled out and I went to sleep.  I'm having trouble sleeping in my bed so I've started sleeping in the extra bedroom the last couple of nights because I'm just uncomfortable and I toss and turn most of the night.  At least Matt can get some sleep if I'm not tossing or turning!

At least I rocked the hospital gown :)

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  1. Milk it girl. Take advantage of all that rest, because there will be no rest for the weary once baby comes. And yes, you did rock the gown. Super cute. :)


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