Day 5

January 7, 2013

Something that I wear

I love jewelry.  I love wearing significant jewelry and this piece is significant.  This is the necklace that Matt gave me for our 5th anniversary!

I also wear this ring.  Matt bought me this ring after our son died and I wear it with pride because I remember carrying Jeremiah with love and excitement.  He was real and it really happened and this ring helps me remember that I really was pregnant once and I really did carry Jeremiah.
I rarely take off my wedding rings, they are my most favorite possession and I adore the man who gave them to me and I uphold the promise that they represent.  The inside of my ring states the Bible verse that our marriage is based on: Song of Songs 3:4.  The inside of Matt's ring has the verse in it: I found the one my soul loves. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE the jewelry!! I teared up at the ring for Jeremiah, that is beautiful! I'm so excited about your next pregnancy 'cause you will get to meet him/her. *hugs*

  2. What an amazingly thoughtful hubby to buy you that ring in remembrance of Jeremiah. Sounds like he's a keeper. Love the rest of it've got a guy with good taste!

    Hope your IVF process is going well too lady. Been thinking about you and getting excited for you to finally be done with this hard earned reward of motherhood!

    1. Truth be told, I picked out all my jewelry :) It took me three years to pick out my engagement ring and nearly 4 months to pick out my wedding band!

      So far the IVF process has been uneventful and I like it!

  3. So beautiful! What a great passage to put on your ring. Love how you remember Jeremiah. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. :)

  4. Love your Jewelry!! Next piece will be a Mommy piece after your safe delivery of your new darling child... I know it'll happen!


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