Day 13

January 15, 2013


So when I first saw this for today I thought of taking a picture of the light in my bedroom because well, it's a light.  Then I thought maybe I am taking this a little too literally so I started to expand on the thought of light...such as a light at the end of the tunnel, the light of my life, the light that wakes me up in the morning, or the light in my heart.  I thought I would go with the light in my heart. 

I believe that Jesus lives in my heart and His light shines in me.  Some days I don't think that His light shines as bright as it should and that's my fault, it means that I'm just not paying attention to what He's trying to tell me.  This walk that I walk with Jesus seems like it should be so easy, you believe in Jesus, you walk with Him, follow what He says but it's not so easy.  Yes I believe in Jesus, yes I walk with Him, and yes I try to do what He says but there are so many temptations in life and some of them seem so insignificant.

My mother used to tell me that the nervous feeling that you get in your stomach is the Holy Spirit trying to lead you somewhere and if you don't listen each time He talks to you then He will stop talking to you.  There have been times in my life that I have ignored the still small voice and that nervous feeling in my stomach and the Holy Spirit has stopped talking to me.  It never lasts for long because Jesus convicts me in some way and I always come back to Him because He is my home and where I belong.  

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