Good news!!

September 13, 2012

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2006.  At that time I wasn't looking at having a baby so I wasn't worried about the consequences of taking medicines to help the RA.  When Matt and I started this journey to become parents I knew that the medicine I was taking was considered safe while we were trying and safe while pregnant but until today I thought it was not safe for breastfeeding.  I was initially told that I could only be off the enbrel for 6 weeks postpartum to breastfeed and then had to go back on because RA can come back with a vengeance after pregnancy.  Today on one of the babycenter message boards (the RA board actually) there was a message about how enbrel is now considered safe while breastfeeding!  This means that I can breastfeed as long as I or baby wants to!!  I can't even begin to express how excited I am about this, my only prayer now is that I will indeed conceive a baby and that the enbrel will continue to work for me!


  1. That is great, and I love that you are thinking ahead like this instead of just waiting to make those decisions later. It shows that you know your baby will come soon, and thinking like that makes a difference. It's not the IF but WHEN for you, and that's a big deal if you ask me! Very excited you'll have something that works through pregnancy and beyond now. Yay!

  2. So funny b/c I was thinking, "I just heard this story from a girl in our acu group on BBC", then I look to the right and read your description and realized it was you. Oops! Anyway, that is great news about the enebrel being safe during breastfeeding. Yay!


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