Sometimes dreams are painful!

September 12, 2012

Last night I had a wonderful and bittersweet dream.  I dreamt that my parents, brother's family, sister's family and all three of our dogs went out to Platte, SD to see Grandma.  When we got there Grandma welcomed us with very open arms and delicious caramel rolls and gingersnap cookies!  Then Charlie ran across the street to Grandma's neighbors house and I chased him around the house and finally caught him on the neighbors porch.  I brought him back to Grandma's house because it was Sunday and well...Sunday is church day!  We all took separate cars to  church and Matt and I rode with Grandma.  On her dash board it said 'remember that I will always love you'

We got to church (it took about 2 min because Platte is really small!) and all 16 of us took up an entire pew.

I remember the days of sitting in church next to Grandma and I woke up sad because I know it will be a little while until I get to see her again.

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  1. Aww... I dream about my grandma a lot... I miss her like mad a lot of days, something about knowing it'll all be ok with her around... (((hugs)))
    I still feel like she occasionally sends me a message though... I'll see a cardinal at the wrong time of year just sitting outside my window or catch a glimpse of "Bachelor Buttons" even though they are so rare to see... Your grandma I'm sure sends you messages too, maybe that dream was one??


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