7 months!

September 20, 2014

Oh wow it's been 7 months since Liam made his entrance to this world!  7 months brings us a total of 2 teeth and working on 3 more.  Right before he turned 7 months he decided he needed to crawl.  Our little guy is now big guy with places to go!

Liam's favorites:
  • Mommy
  • Milk
  • Daddy
  • Songs: The itsy bitsy spider
  • teething toys
  • His puppy Allie
  • His new friend (our nanny's son)
  • Playing on his stand up toys
  • Practicing walking
  • Watching his puppies play
We love our bath!

We still sleep on Mommy

Rocking a new ring sling

It's too hot for pants!

Helping Mommy make bug pancakes

Bug pancakes!

Giggle monster!

He started getting too fast to get pictures of

Mommy had a rough night and my little one was comforting me

Headbutting his bulldog friend

Stuck in a basket (which he quickly learned to flip over!)

Trying to figure out how it works


In the first few days of crawling our wood floor was his kryptonite

Sweet smiley Liam!

Our crib is a great place to rest a bit so Mommy can fold my clothes
I took the pics a little late but as you can see we are working on more teeth!

Can't hardly keep him sitting down anymore

Smiley boy who is proud of himself for standing up

And in the mouth we go because those top teeth hurt!

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