Christmas and babies

December 22, 2012

This year for Christmas I only want one thing...IVF.  Sounds weird right?  I believe that our chance to have biological children lies in going through with IVF.  Matt and I had our consult yesterday and we are going ahead with IVF.  I'm not going to say when because it's a stressful enough event anyway...but I hope that it works for us!

The meeting consisted of our doctor going through the risks associated with IVF.  Some of the risks include ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, blood clot, birth defects, miscarriage, and that this won't work for us.  The birth defects are similar to the general population and really and truly something Matt and I are not concerned about.  We truly believe that if God blesses us with a child it will be a child that we are meant to have whether that be a child that is perfectly healthy or a child that is not.

I'm both nervous and excited that we are going ahead with this journey and it's taken a long time to be able to wrap my head around the fact that this might be our only chance to have biological children.  Since I'm not the healthiest of women I'm slightly more frightened than excited.  I watched my best friend go through IVF and it was difficult for her and emotional and all those things you go through when you feel like something is your last shot.

My hearts desire is to have my own biological children and I believe that God will answer my prayer!  I'm so excited for my break from all this for a little while to take care of my body, my mind, and my soul.  I feel like this break will help me prepare for the difficulty ahead!

Did I mention I pretty much gave up coffee?  Yeah, I gave up caffeine a few months ago and noticed that I sleep better in general...but with the addition of fertility meds for three months I gained 10lbs.  Not a big deal but, it's good to get myself off of extra calories that I don't need.  I had a small latte yesterday and otherwise have been drinking tea with honey (soooo good!).  So far, I feel less bloated :)


  1. Elizabeth, it's a hard pill to swallow when you find out that IVF is probably the best (or sometimes only) answer. It is a tough journey, the hardest I have ever been on, but you can totally do it! Just take one day at a time.

    We just went through IVF and are in the 2ww right now. And even though it was a tough ride, I would do it again in a heartbeat if it brings us to our baby.

    I look forward to supporting and following your journey,

  2. I've been thinking about you so much Elizabeth. Glad to see an update and how it's going. It looks like most of us on the thread are pursuing IVF. Some of us can jump right in and some of us need to figure out how to afford it, but a year later we've all been brought to this stage.

    I am also scared of the process and most of all scared of it being unsuccessful,but there is such a good chance of it working and the fact that your RE spent the consult going over the risks and not telling you why it's the absolute best thing ever makes me feel good about him and I think you and Matt are in great hands and you will definitely be a mom. *hugs*

    1. Thank-you! I think we all gave it a good shot with acupuncture, healthy eating, and supplements. I think we all got to know our bodies just a little bit better and put our bodies in the best possible place for IVF!

  3. So glad you posted an update and happy to hear you had your consult! I am with you. I told hubby no gift...I just want to save for IVF. I don't think it's weird that all we want is IVF, because it really just means we want a family. I am soooo excited that you are starting this amazing new chapter, hopefully the happy ending to this all too long journey. You are going to be an amazing mommy!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Some days I wish time would pass faster so I could start this process and other days I'm just not ready yet!

  4. Thinking and praying for you Elizabeth! I'm glad to follow your journey here and hope that you get everything you deserve in 2013. :)


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