Keep Practicing

April 30, 2012

I got a phone call from my brother today, he was telling me about how a patient's wife that he's treating came in and they were visiting a bit after her husband's session well it turns out that she has RA too!  She also had trouble conceiving and now has two healthy boys.  He says, 'I hope you see this as a story of hope, keep practicing'.

I feel so blessed that my family is praying for Matt and I as we walk along this journey of trying to have a baby.  I never dreamed that it would be so difficult or so painful, but God made me a fighter and until God closes all the doors for Matt and I to be parents we will pursue and continue exploring all of our options to have children.  Today I feel more hope than I have in a long time that God will bless us with children and until the time comes we'll just 'keep practicing' and enjoying each other!

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