Family Vacation!

July 5, 2015

On our way to the airport, healthy lunch in tow

He's not thrilled about being in his car seat while on the plane

After nearly an hour of trying to calm him down he finally fell asleep, we were both in was a miserable flight!

And then he slept through the Las Vegas airport

When putting the pacifier in your mouth keeps him from crying, you put the paci in your mouth

I don't have a perfect body, but this little boy doesn't care one bit!

He had a great time swimming while on vacation

He was so excited to 'jump' in the water, so trusting that we were going to catch him

That was the face we saw when he 'jumped'

Our excursion while on vacation, it was 10am and already nearly 90.  Our trusty Tula kept us moving though

Hanging out with Daddy since it was starting to get hot

Talking to 'grandpa'

He's not nearly as thrilled as I am about the Children's museum

My oldest nephew wearing the youngest's too cute!

'Swimming' on his tummy

Playing with his cousin who is just 3 months older than him.

Just a little family photo

Children's museum

More fun in the pool

A little nap on Daddy

Getting ready to go hom

Our trusty Tula kept my little bug nice and close in a very busy airport

Our flight from Vegas to home was much much better than our flight to Vegas.      

Every other year my parents take all of us on vacation.  This year we went to Utah.  Utah is pretty much a desert and in the month of's really hot!  We had a lovely time, even if our little bug didn't sleep much.  Here are some photos of our trip!

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  1. Love the pictures!! I'm glad you guys had a great trip.


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