Liam is 3 months old!

May 18, 2014

Three months brings us more smiles!  We are getting into more of a routine of sleeping and eating and playing.  This month brings me back to work which is both nice and not awesome all at the same time.  Nice in the fact that this is my chosen profession and I truly enjoy what I do.  Not awesome because I don't like being away from Liam for that long.  Living 30 min away from the hospital seriously sucks because that's an extra hour I am away from home each day. 

Liam is starting to grab at his toys more and more and gets this super cute look of concentration when he is trying to grab at a toy. 

Matt took his paternity leave this month for a week and we got to do a lot of fun things.  We went up to Redmond, WA to visit aunts and uncle.  Liam was not terribly happy about it as his schedule got screwed up too much!  We went to the Brooks outlet store north of Seattle and got a couple pairs of running shoes (super cheap!).  I also got some new non-maternity clothes!!  We learned how to nurse fairly covered up out in public (hey when baby is hungry; baby needs to eat!).  It's not my favorite thing to nurse a baby out in public but it is way better than listening to him scream because he's hungry!

Our third month brought on Liam's first sickness which is detailed out in another blog.  Thankfully this was before I went back to work so I was able to stay with Liam through the duration of his sickness.

The best part about Liam?  He's very vocal.  He likes to carry on a conversation with Matt and I!  When I got home after my first day back to work Matt handed Liam to me and Liam just looked at me for a couple minutes.  Then he reached out to touch me and started to 'tell' me about his day.  It was the absolute cutest thing ever!  He sat and chatted at me for nearly 20 minutes before he got hungry.

Liam also got to meet his Aunt Donna for the first time and his cousin Ethan.  We had a lovely week and were sad to see them go!

 Big Smiles!
 Our week with Daddy at home every day!
Getting his head up off the floor!  Well he's been doing this since birth but now he's doing it more during tummy time!
 Cutie pie!
 How we entertain kiddos in our household.  We run the bulldog on the treadmill!
 Sleepy boy!  Mommy put him down so she could fold his clothes and put them away and turned around and saw this!
 After 4 years of ttc, one miscarriage, several failed fertility treatments, and a surgery...this little guy is truly Mommy's most wanted!
 This dog came down the stairs with Liam's pacifier in his mouth like this.  I was laughing way to hard to even find a camera so we had to recreate this :)
 Got to love mommy/baby selfies!
 Mr. No Sleep on Easter Sunday.  We kept him home because he was still getting over being sick.  I was super bummed because Easter is my favorite church service.
 This was the look that I got when I asked Liam if he was going to miss me when I went back to work.
 My second day back to work

 'Little Hunk' and his Sofie the giraffe (huge hit!)
 Just sleeping next to mommy.  Mommy learned how to nurse on her side so she's getting way more sleep now!

 Real men babywear and play the drums.  Note how the ears are protected :)  Matt said Liam loved the vibrations from the drums!

 Daddy went to Alaska and we prayed for his safe trip and for Aunt Donna's safe trip to see us!


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