Liam is 2 months!

April 19, 2014

It's incredible to think that we've had Liam for 2 months (well almost 3 but I'm a bit behind!) Liam is learning how to bat at things and I am able to put him down for longer periods of time in his bouncy seat or swing.

Liam loves to be talked to, loves music, and loves his play mat.  It's so much fun to watch him grow!  We've had some trouble with reflux.  We started on some zantac twice a day and had a dose increase before we finally settled on Prilosec.  Once we got on that it seems that our boy has been doing much better.  Those were some terrible nights until we got that all settled.  It was like having a newborn at night who refused to nap during the no sleep for anyone.

Grandma left us on the anniversary of our first child's due date.  Grandma was here for 7.5 weeks helping me learn how to trust those instincts that God instilled in me as a woman and a mother.  Since then we've been trying to learn our own routine of waking and sleeping and eating.  It's taken us awhile but we may actually have a routine.

Some highlights of the month include a sightseeing trip into Seattle with my parents, uncle, and brother in law, and daddy.  We met Grandpa for the first time.  We started catching more smiles on camera and we have started venturing out of the house a little more.

 He started really enjoying his bath time.  Yes we use the kitchen sink :)
 His favorite place to sleep is still on Mommy (it's my favorite place too!)
 Catching smiles on camera!
 Babywearing in Seattle: yes he was safe, yes he was too low but it was chilly and we wanted to keep him warm.  We were checking airway every 30ish seconds.  Matt had his hand in there most of the time under his chin to make sure it was up :)
 My dad's first trip to Seattle and our first trip up the Space Needle.  It was windy, misty and a beautiful view of Seattle!
 Bring me to Mom!  Our bug talking to Grandpa after church
 Getting out of the house for a walk in our new ergo.  Daddy is warmer than Mommy!
 Grandpa is hilarious Mom!
 Grandpa you're funny, you should come more often!
 Mom was Grandpa always this funny?
 A huge thank you to my mom for staying with us after Liam's birth.  She helped me while I was so sore after my c-section.  I would wake up and there would magically be food and water/juice next to me!  She helped me learn to trust those mommy instincts that God gave me and helped to trust that my milk was good and that since he was growing that he was ok.  Thank-you Mom!
 My first solo trip with Target of course!
 2 months!
Liam is 23in long (50ish%)
13lbs 0.5oz (75%)
 He loves to smile at Mom and Dad!
 He's a silly guy!


  1. What a great update! Fantastic pics. I had to laugh. I thought Liam was all YOU but then I got to the pic of his profile and then daddy's profile facing same way right below....spitting image there as well. He really is the perfect combo of the both of you. So sweet!

    1. Thank-you! We are absolutely enamored with him! If I don't take pictures everyday or almost everyday I have no recollection of what happened. Sleep worth it!


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